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Episode 38

Ocean school

Interview with Lucija, Science producer at Ocean School. https://oceanschool.nfb.ca/

Contact Lucija: Lucija.prelovec@dal.ca

Ocean School aims to provide learners, the next generation of ocean citizens, with the knowledge and tools to understand our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us. They produce educational experiences which use powerful storytelling techniques, immersive technologies and interactive media. Its inquiry-based approach advances critical thinking, innovation and environmental awareness.

Resources discussed in this podcast:


An interactive experience where students explore how changes to certain variables impact the health of eelgrass in Malpeque Bay, and therefore the survival of other species in the habitat.

Where’s whaledo?

A virtual Right Whale into your room, built to an amazing scale… Reach out and discover every detail of this mighty mammal in augmented reality, all the way from its blowhole to its flukes!

For more information about these resources: Ocean school - Interactive experiences

Learn from Home with Ocean School

Ocean school have produced a curated set of modules in response to the increase in remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. They include media resources and accompanying activities. These can be used for learning from home, as well as a preview of the more in-depth resources which are also available.

Ocean school - Learn from home

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